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What is Nature+?

Leading research

Access the most impactful peer-reviewed research, selected for its originality, importance and timeliness.

Breaking news

Stay connected to the latest discoveries and most pressing issues affecting the global scientific community.

Accessible analysis

Read editorial content that puts research in context, and helps you understand developments outside your specialism.

Wide coverage

Explore the natural sciences and technology; from astronomy to microbiology to chemistry to climate change.

Deep content

Find what you need, with more than 1,000 articles published every month. New content is available every day.

Read online

Get immediate, anytime access to all articles in the Nature+ subscription on any device at nature.com.

Research with impact

Articles in the Nature+ subscription journals contribute to many of the world’s most significant scientific advances. 

From the discovery of radioactive decay, to Watson and Crick’s seminal work on DNA, to Dolly the sheep and cloning, our articles advance their fields and help to address global societal challenges.

Whether you need to stay up-to-date across trending topics or explore specific research avenues, Nature+ gives you access to robust, reliable, and timely information. 

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Nature+ subscription pricing

For individuals and students


  • Single-user account

  • Includes Nature and 54 specialist Nature journals

  • Access all content since 2017

  • Read online, on any device, at any time

  • Download up to 100 articles per month

  • Flexible monthly subscription

  • Bonus access to Nature digital edition by email

For teams and businesses


Customised pricing

Annual billing only

  • Multi-user account

  • Customised journal selection

  • Suitable for business use

  • Read online, on any device, at any time

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Access to archive content and new launches

  • Bonus access to Nature digital edition by email

  • Dedicated onboarding, training and support

  • Centralised admin and usage reporting

Nature+ journals

Access 55 journals from the Nature family, spanning the natural, clinical and social sciences


The leading international journal of science, published weekly since 1869. Nature publishes landmark papers, award winning news, leading comment and expert opinion on important, topical scientific news and events.

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